healthy sigh

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The quotation comes from “Underground”

Quotation: The waiter came over and asked about drinks, but Mom and Henry both agreed on ordering, speed always the key, so the waiter waited, pen twitching like a seismograph needle as these Salters scanned the menu, Michael stepping forward with a kale salad, please, which received a healthy sigh from Mom, who was debating between chicken paillard and salmon, and then deciding on fettuccine and an iced tea, while Henry challenged the merits of a thirty-dollar cheeseburger, the waiter describing the subtle combination of dry-aged rib eye and brisket and strip steak, Brie cheese, black truffle, a brioche bun, Henry finally relenting, substituting Cheddar for Brie, and a Diet Coke with no ice.
Hi everyone! How should I understand the bold part? I take it as heavy sigh.
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