heard that the Richars <had / have> shifted their house recently

Tyrion Lann

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Hello folks.
I have a doubt here.

we heard that the Richars ____ their house recently.
I think there should be used of " had shifted " but the answer is " have sifted "

I'm not getting it , please help me here.

  • Keith Bradford

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    (Well, first I think you mean moved, not sifted or even shifted.)

    I would certainly say: We heard that the Richars had moved house recently (verbs in the past and past perfect)
    Or else: We hear that the Richars have moved house recently (verbs in the present and present perfect)

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    1. We shifted :cross: to Chennai in the year 2009.
    2. We moved to Chennai last month. :tick:
    3. We moved house to Chennai last month. :tick:

    @Shri8 -- I don't think that recently proves it's the present tense, though it does suggest it. It's perfectly possible to say, for instance: "Twenty years ago I moved to Delhi. I had recently been appointed to the post of...", where recently means shortly before.
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