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Gergedan Cemil

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Hello everyone,
The sentence below is from a short story.
"The island was a small island with many mountains, each a different patchwork color of heartwood green."

I'm puzzled by the "heartwood green". As far as I know, heartwood is brownish, but not green. Am I right in thinking 'heartwood green' here is strange'?
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    Am I right in thinking 'heartwood green' here is strange'?
    I suppose that the sensibility of the phrase depends on what type of wood the writer was thinking of. It sounds pretty strange to me too, Gergedan. When I think of green wood, I think of wood that hasn't yet been dried or seasoned. That wood generally isn't green.


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    That really sounds odd.
    Mountains are usually green because of the leaves on the trees, rather than the trees' heartwood (unless, of course all the trees have been cut down and the logs have been split to expose unusual, green-colored heartwood.) I suspect the author has confused 'heartwood' with 'hardwood.'

    'Heartwood Green' sounds like a paint color. (click on the squares of color to find out the name of the paint).


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    Reading more of the short story, I feel obliged to tell you that it is filled with mistakes and non-standard English usage.
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