hearty ad-hoccery

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When the British scrambled for the exits, lingering chaos was often the result of this hearty ad-hoccery, Mr Kwarteng sadly concludes. It is a surprising moral for an ambitious young Tory politician to draw

I think the ad-hoccery bit referes back to 'there was no“master plan '' 3 paragraphs back which they have pursued throughtout even at the last minute.

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    I think so too. :)

    In case anyone wonders, 'ad-hoccery' is not a 'real' word. It is a humorous word noun made up of ad hoc, used here to mean 'made up on the spot'
    with the suffix -ery, which is used to form nouns.


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    Lamb, I suppose if you want a more established word, adhocism is available and included in some dictionaries. I suppose the Economist could have chosen ad-hoccery to emphasise its ad hoc nature! ;)
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