heat wave OR heatwave

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What's your preference when it comes to the way you write the word "heat wave"?
Do you write it as two separate words or just one?

Thank you!

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  • Loob

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    One, I think.

    Or maybe two. Or maybe with a hyphen.

    No, definitely one. I think.


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    I'm also mostly ambivalent, slightly preferring the two-word form.

    It's good you didn't offer the hyphenated version
    OED 1878 Heat-wave : One of those vibrations of the ether :eek: that produce heating effects.


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    If I were talking about the weather event, I would use one word.

    In most other cases I would use the 2 word version.


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    Look at the "in context" examples of heatwave and heat-wave.
    It looks as if BE prefers heatwave, but other E-versions are more likely to use the hyphenated form.

    For os(numbers) examples, I would be a lot more likely to talk about a "wave of heat".
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