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Bob said to Topper Harley:

It's a few extra dollars now. But you'll make that back on your heating bill. We're gonna caulk the ashram if you want to stop by.

What is the meaning of heating bill?
I look through dictionary, it is a bill for the supply of energy to heat a building. But how can you heat a building. That is why it doesn't make any sense to me. please tell the correct meaning of it.
Source: Hot Shots! Part Deux 1993
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    When we warm the air in the building, we call it 'heating the building'.

    You have the correct meaning for 'heating bill'. Sometimes when people talk about their heating bill, they mean the amount of money they have to pay for the heat in their building. If they do something to make it easier to heat the building -- for instance, fix the leaks that let cold air in -- they 'save money on their bill.' Bob says that if they spend money now to do whatever it is he suggests they do, they will save that same amount of money on their heating bill.
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