...heating must have been localized.

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Hi there
Could you please correct me? I think underlined part says: chondrules cooled fast, so heating events must been focused. Is it correct? explain to me, please.

A few chondrules contain grains that survived the melting event, so these enigmatic chondrules must have formed when compact masses of nebular dust were fused at high temperatures-approaching 1,700 degrees Celsius-and then cooled before these surviving grains could melt. Study of the textures of chondrules confirms that they cooled rather quickly, in times measured in minutes or hours, so the heating events that formed them must have been localized.

Reference: Sample of TOEFL Exam

Thank you in advance
  • Hermione Golightly

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    Is there a specific question to answer or are you seeking to understand what 'localized' means?
    I'd say 'localized' means confined to certain areas or places, maybe relatively small areas, not widespread. On the weather forecast they talk about 'localized showers'.
    I don't know if that fits with your use of 'focussed'; perhaps if you say 'focussed in certain areas'. I think 'focussed' needs some sort of complement to tell us where or on what.
    (I haven't a clue about the subject matter but that shouldn't make any difference.)
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