heating or heatings?


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Hi there,

Can anyone tell me if the structure of the following sentence is OK?
The use of "heatings" as a plural noun form is better than "heating" as an infinitive?
Do you have any better suggestion and more formal form for expressing this sentence?

Figure 2 compares the XRD patterns of the as-combusted pellet with those of the specimens whose heatings continued after the ignition up to 4 and 6 minutes.

Thanks a lot
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    Obviously, I have no experience in the field this text is about, so I don't know if 'heatings' could be used in this technical context, but it's not a word we'd normally use. In plain English, perhaps:

    ...compared with those of the specimens which continued to heat up for up to 4–6 minutes.


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    Singular 'heating' could be used there. I too don't know if 'heatings' might be used technically, but it's not needed. (Some words do allow a plural of this form. There's a joke about office life: The beatings will continue until morale improves.)
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