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No comprendo que quiere decir "heave enough crates and boxes—words, in a writer’s case—into the breach" en el texto de abajo.Un "breach" es una grieta, pero no entiendo lo de "heave something into the breach". Como lo traducirìan ?Thanks in advance

I explained, she was my muse; muses being not comely, playful feminine elves who sit on your shoulder suggesting better word choices and tittering when you get one right, but powerful life-and-death forces that threaten to suck you right out the bottom of your boat unless you can heave enough crates and boxes—words, in a writer’s case—into the breach. (I have not found a replacement for this force as yet, which may explain how I’ve been feeling lately and especially here today.)
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    Pues para mí, "heave" quiere decir mover algo con mucho esfuerzo simplemente. La idea de que está intentando dar es la de poner todo su esfuerzo a llenar constantamente el vacío que equivale, en su caso, a su motivación. O sea, como escritor, su musa es una fuerza violenta, como, por ejemplo, un ollo negro, que le motiva a llenar este vacío con palabras, por miedo más que nada.

    Como traducción, quizás: llevar desesperadamente

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    Sí, el "breach" es el "void." Lo que pasa es que esta frase es muy metafórica, y la metáfora es bastante rara...


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    Normally a "breach" in this sort of context is a breach in a defensive wall - a disastrous situation that requires instant response. Breaches have to be filled with anything to hand - including yourself.

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our English dead!
    Henry V, según Shakespeare.

    I don't think you can be a writer in English without having the first line of the above welded to your soul and I think it explains the idea behind the piece.

    Without context I can only see confusion in the collocation of breaches, boats, and being sucked out, but fundamentally he seems to be talking of an 'agujero negro' that he has to 'feed'.

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