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I just know that heaven-born means "of heavenly origin". But I'm not sure if it has such meaning here too! So would you please help me to know that? does heaven-born refer to Jemu? or ICS?

Here Jemu or the future judge finds that he has passed the exam for ICS, and he becomes endlessly happy:

....., he caught sight of the name, Jemubhai Popatlal Patel, at the very bottom of the page.
Looking neither right nor left, the newest member, practically unwelcome, of the heaven-born, ran home with his arms folded and got immediately into bed, all his clothes on, even his shoes, and soaked his pillow with his weeping
Chapter 18 of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.

Many thanks.
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    Thanks a lot, AutumnOwl. I've not guessed that! Very interesting data:

    This is from your link, maybe useful for others:
    I believe the term was used to describe the members of the former Indian Civil Service because of all the advantages that came with the job.
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