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Hello! I'm trying to come up with a good word to use here. I want something that gives the impression of heaven or of being idealistic, but I didn't want to use heavenly or angelic. Both sound a bit too fairy tale like. It's for a formal paper. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Using ______ words, he describes this time “when meadow, grove, and stream,/The earth, and every common sight/To me did seem/Appareled in celestial light/The glory and the freshness of a dream"
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    I might use one of these three words, my personal favorite being lyrical.

    Using lyrical/ fanciful/ whimsical words, he describes this time:

    “When meadow, grove, and stream,
    the earth, and every common sight
    to me did seem
    appareled in celestial light
    the glory and the freshness of a dream."



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    I was going to suggest a word that appears in Lablady's definition above:
    Using sublime language ...

    I like empyreal though:) (Not sure how many people would know what it meant, mind you:D)


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    A couple more for you:

    1. Uplifting
    2. Inspiring

    What's the theme of your piece?

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