heaving the sod to one side

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a rectangular piece which has been cut from an area of grass
• He worked fast, cutting and slicing the turf neatly, heaving the sod to one side.

Could you explain to me what exactly he was doing? (in the boldfaced part)
Was there more than one rectangular piece?

  • lingobingo

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    Sod is the top layer of grass with earth attached beneath it. How many rectangles of sod could be cut from an area of grassland would depend on the overall size of the area and the size each rectangle.

    Heaving the sod to one side presumably just means that each cut-out rectangle would be placed to one side before the next was cut. (But this is, of course, just a sentence made up as a dictionary example!)


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    How we hate dictionaries that produce more problems than they solve:(

    1. to lift and throw with effort:[~ + object]to heave a stone through a window.
    Sod can be countable or uncountable. He is probably working along a line and the sod is being deposited to the side of that line, in pieces small enough to be heaved:D
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