heavy duty solid display


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HI Every one,

I do not know how to translate this properly... could you please help me?
the sentence is quit long... it is used to describe an inflatable pop-display.
Using a technology of drop stitch fabric with high pressure inside, after proper anchoring it is able to withstand same wind as heavy duty solid display with an advantage of safe use due to the fact, that this display is inflatable.
I would say:
capable de résister au même vent qu'un panneau affichage en dur ("heavy duty solid display ") (...)
What do you think of my translation?

Thanks in advance

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    Oui, il ne faut pas chercher à traduire chaque mot, l'expression signifie bien "un bon vieux panneau d'affichage en métal", comme on pourrait dire "une bonne vieille porte en bois d'arbre".
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