heavy goods vehicle operator's licence


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Could someone say what the heavy goods vehicle operator's licence is called?

Quelqu'un pourrait me dire comment s'appelle la licence/autorisation des entreprises/autonomes de transport de marchandises: ce qui indique quel genre de marchandises leurs véhicules peuvent transporter.

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    Britain, English
    I need the term applying to the vehicle NOT the driver (there appears to be no lexical distinction in English).

    It should be the document that states what kind of goods the vehicle is permitted to carry (foodstuff, chemicals, livestock, general goods, people, absolutely anything ....) and territorial limits (provincial, national, international), possibly also maximum laden weight and stuff like that.

    In Spain, it's a document displayed prominently behind the windscreen of lorries so that it can checked at a glance by police.



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    ADR (european Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road).


    Transport et logistique.

    Depending on what you have to deliver you may turn to a forwarding agent (un transitaire).

    Depending on which means of transportation you have chosen, you will be provided with shipping documents.

    Transports routiers = lettre de voiture CMR (consignment note)
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