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I was reading recently an op-ed and couldn't understand the meaning of this expression :

"You can argue that most middle-class families would be better off in the end, that the extra benefits would more than compensate for the higher taxes. And you’d probably be right. But this would be a much heavier political lift.

Is it "une charge politique" ? "ce serait une décision politique plus lourde" ? I'm not sure what the author means here.

Thanks for your help
  • Garoubet

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    Il y a plusieurs traductions suivant le contexte, mais généralement, je le traduirais par "décision ou geste politique".
    Political lift veut dire qu'il y a une implication, que le gouvernement embarque sur quelque chose, monte dessus en quelque sorte (lift). Je ne pense pas qu'il y a un terme vraiment équivalent en français, mais je peux me tromper.
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    A heavy lift in a context like this means something difficult to achieve - in your context, this would be more difficult to do, for political reasons (than some other option the article mentioned elsewhere.)
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