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Hi everyone!
I would like to buy a t-shirt in an American site, but i cannot understand what "Black standard 100% cotton heavyweight tee" means, especially heavyweight. Does it refer to a special thick cotton or to the tee shape?
Thank you very much.
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    "Heavyweight" cannot refer to shape. It just means that this t-shirt is heavy. The inclusion of "standard" suggests that there is a norm for the weight of the cotton used to make a "heavyweight" t-shirt. The implication seems to be that the cotton used in this t-shirt conforms to that norm.


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    The "standard" refers to the shape or pattern - it is a normal t-shirt with hemmed or banded crew-neck (not a v-neck; no collar) and normal short sleeves.

    The "heavyweight" means that it is made from a heavier (thicker) knit than a normal t-shirt. Exactly how heavy is open to question; they may just be asserting that it is not a cheap, thin t-shirt.
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