Hebrew/Greek: My soul loves you Lord


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philippines (tagalog) and u.s. (english)

We're looking for a translation to "my soul loves you Lord" as a translation from English to Hebrew and Greek to be considered as a baby's name. My preference is the form of Hebrew and Greek used during Biblical times but am not opposed to current translations.

I requested the translation on a couple other links but the translation was given using that languages form of alphabet, which I could not read. If it's possible to give the translation using the English alphabet, I would really appreciate it.

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    philippines (tagalog) and u.s. (english)
    We don't know what the sex is yet? Both versions would be great.

    However, I am specifically looking for the translation to "my soul loves you Lord" with Lord = God/Jesus Christ. That is the direction of the name that I'm going for.

    Thanks again.


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    Hello again, Rapturedone!

    What you're looking for is a transliteration, not a translation.
    A transliteration is using the letters of the Roman alphabet to reprresent the sounds of a foreign language, in this case Hebrew or Greek.

    As I pointed out, Hebrew first names are gender specific. But since you are looking for the transliteration of a sentence as a name, gender is bypassed, and the name can be applied to either a boy or a girl.

    Here's the transliteration of the Hebrew for My soul loves You, Lord.

    nafshee = my soul
    ahayvha = loves you
    yahveh = Lord (Jehovah)

    For the Greek version, the transliteration is much longer:


    If you have any further questions or requests, don't hesitate to let me know.



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    maybe as a name it's NAFSHIYA (there is such a name in Hebrew) but I don't think it's a well beloved name, it's quite anachronistic and ugly! (BTW it's a girl's name here)