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Hello everybody,

I am pleased to introduce the Hebrew Resources thread. This thread will contain a compilation of helpful resources covering various topics about the Hebrew language and gathered by our foreros. A special thank you goes to JLanguage :thumbsup: and amikama :thumbsup: for helping this thread get off the ground.

In the interest of easy and rapid location of links, this thread will be composed of several posts, each containing a set of links relevant to a particular topic. In order to facilitate reference to links in threads and/or PMs, individual links will be numbered according to post number and order of appearance.

To add a link to the thread, please contact one of the moderators: amikama, elroy.

I hope we all benefit from this asset and contribute to its development.

Best regards,
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  • Alphabet and Writing

    (about the Hebrew alphabet)
    2b. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niqqud
    (about Hebrew diacritics)
    הכתיב המלא | האקדמיה ללשון העברית
    (rules for spelling Hebrew without vowels)
    הפיסוק | האקדמיה ללשון העברית
    (rules for Hebrew punctuation)
    (all about the Hebrew writing system)
    2f. התעתיק | האקדמיה ללשון העברית
    (rules for transliteration from Hebrew to Latin or Arabic alphabet, and vice versa)
    2g. נקדן מורפיקס – ניקוד אוטומטי מדויק
    (tool to add or remove nikkud from any words) (Thanks, sawyeric1!)
    2h. נקדן אוטומטי - חינמי מבית דיקטה
    (tool to add nikkud to any text. Supports modern, Rabbinic and poetic texts, as well as morphological analysis of each word.)
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    Online Lessons/Tutorials

    3a. http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/grammar.html
    (lessons in Biblical Hebrew)
    3b. Learning Hebrew for free in Virtual Ulpan
    (virtual ulpan - lessons in Modern Hebrew for beginners)
    3c. Le site de l'hebreu
    (materials about Hebrew vocabulary, grammar, etc. French language only / Pour ceux qui comprennent le français.)
    3d. FSI Language Courses - Course Materials for Download
    (online course in Hebrew, with a textbook and tape recordings. A bit old-fashioned; the textbook is dated 1965.)
    3e. Hebrew@Stanford Multimedia | Language Center

    (Go to "Multimedia Program")
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    Words and Phrases

    4a. Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective
    (blog with daily Hebrew words and phrases, touching on related languages with a focus on etymology)
    4b. עברית | Hebrew: Vocabulary Guide
    (basic vocabulary)
    4c. My-Hebrew-Dictionary.com
    (many basic words with pictures and audio)
    4d. Aleph-Bet on the Net
    (vocabulary tutorials)
    4e. Hebrew Word of the Day - Free Hebrew Vocabulary Lessons Online
    (Hebrew word of the day, including audio)
    4f. FREE Hebrew Word of the Day Widget - HebrewPod101
    (Hebrew word of the day, including audio and transliteration)
    4g. http://ulpan.com/category/yddh
    (blog with daily words, including audio)
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    Dictionaries and Other Reference

    5a. מורפיקס - מילון עברי אנגלי חינם - Free Morfix Dictionary
    (Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew; entries are listed alphabetically within search results, vowelized spelling)

    5b. Maskilon
    (root-based Hebrew-English dictionary, only part of it is published online for free use)
    5c. Maskilon 3
    (Hebrew-English, arranged by vowelized spelling, but notes unvowelized spelling when it differs, no search capability)
    5d. Maskilon

    5e. My Hebrew Dictionary
    (English-Hebrew glossary of useful words, arranged by category)
    5f. http://www.milon.co.il/
    (English-Hebrew dictionary; scroll down for links to a picture dictionary)
    5g. http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/
    (Hebrew encyclopedia)
    5h. ניבים עבריים, ניבון נכון
    (dictionary of Hebrew idioms/proverbs - all nikkudized)
    5i. מעות - דף הבית - מילון מונחים בנושאי ארגון וניהול עסקים
    (list of Hebrew-English specialized lexicons)
    5j. Milononline.net | על המילון
    (Sappir Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary)
    5k. מפעל המילון ההיסטורי
    (The historical dictionary project of the Academy of the Hebrew Language)
    5l. http://hebrew-terms.huji.ac.il/ / חיפוש מונחים | מאגר מונחים
    (Database of Hebrew terms in specialized areas, by the Academy of the Hebrew Language)
    5m. המילון - האקדמיה ללשון העברית
    (Dictionary of the Academy of the Hebrew Language)
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    8a. http://www.maariv.co.il

    (Israeli newspaper)
    8b. http://www.haaretz.co.il

    (Israeli newspaper)
    (has vowels and is written in simple Hebrew)
    8d. http://www.surfmusic.de/israel.htm
    (Israeli radio)
    8e. Israel > Middle East > by Geography > Internet Radio Show Links
    (Israeli radio)
    מרכז השידורים של רשות השידור
    (IBA - Israeli Boardcast Authority)
    8g. mako חדשות. בידור. טלוויזיה
    (Channel 2 - Keshet)
    8h. רשת - חדשות 2, צפייה ישירה, תכניות, וידאו, בידור
    (Channel 2 - Reshet)
    8i. חדשות, תוכן ותכניות ערוץ 10 - nana10
    (Channel 10)
    8j. Ynet - עמוד הבית - HOT
    (HOT - cable channels)
    8k. קורס: שער למתחיל - ארכיון (ישן)
    (archive of שער למתחיל, a discontinued newspaper in simple Hebrew and with nikkud)
    8l. חדשון בעברית קלה – חדשון בעברית קלה
    (a newspaper in simple Hebrew and with nikkud)
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