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  • mkellogg

    English - US
    Hi Ali, if you get a group of people together who are interested in translating the forum interface to Hebrew or any other language for that matter, I'll be happy to provide the XML file (to translate) and help in any other way.



    English - US
    Alright. I think you might underestimate how much work it will be (many thousands of phrases), but I'm happy to get you started!

    I'll just say everything here now in case anybody else is interested in creating a language pack.

    - I'll email you the English original xml file plus the Hebrew translation for Xenforo 1.5. We are on XF 2.1 now. the English will be for XF 2.2, which is in beta and that we will probably move to in the next few months.
    - You will probably need to find an xml translation editor. I know that they exist, but know nothing about that world.
    - You will want to merge the XF 1.5 Hebrew translation into the XF 2.2 xml (or something like that) to save a lot of time.
    - - If this is too technical for your team, I'll see what my team or I can do.
    - You should concentrate on translating strings that people will likely see and not worry about translating the administrative control panel
    - Once you are happy with it, you can submit it to Xenforo for other forums to use.
    - Xenforo has a free demo service that you can use to see your work without needing me.

    I see that I can't just load the XF 1.5 xml into XF 2.2. But actually, this might not be too much work. If we can get the XF 1.5 Hebrew translation xml converted into a XF 2.2 xml file, a large part of the work will be done.

    For instance, here is one string for XF 2.2:
    <phrase title="accept_future_messages" addon_id="XF" version_id="1000011" version_string="1.0.0 Alpha 1"><![CDATA[Accept future messages]]></phrase>
    And here it is for XF 1.5 in Hebrew:
    <phrase title="accept_future_messages" addon_id="XenForo" version_id="1010470" version_string="1.1.4"><![CDATA[אשר תגובות עתידיות]]></phrase>
    We need to:
    - Make sure that the English string is the same as it was in XF 1.5.
    - If it is the same, then import the Hebrew phrase into the XF 2.2 format.
    - Do that for the whole file and then we have a great base for you to start with.

    Again, if you have somebody sufficiently technical to do that, go ahead :) If not, I can get somebody on my team to write a small program that will do the job.
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