heck of a day

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hello! i'm a new member! what does "heck of a day" mean? I really need your help! thank you so much!
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    i heard it from a movie "The Nut Jobs" when one stole a bag of nuts. thank you for your comment!


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    Hmm ... it's an animated film about squirrels. Ok ... I've found the script, but unfortunately I think you need to see the movie, or at least that section of it, to know what is meant.

    "Heck of a day" can means it's a great day, a special day, an amazing day, or a terrible day, or a day filled with life's ordinary problems and not too much that's cheerful. :) The complete sentence would be "It's a heck of a day," but we often shorten it and say in a tone of surprise, resignation, weariness, subdued anger, or just a general observation.
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