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Hi! I´m reading a text about the connection between stress and performance in people´s lives. They explain that as you get too stressed you might have some problems with your performance and they enumerate some of the mental factors (from the least damaging to the most damaging):

0. Optimal performance

1. hectic pace
2. presentment
3. anxiety
4. anger
5. short temper
6. conflicts
7. shortened attention
8. diminished concentration
9. low morale etc.

What does hectic pace mean? I´ve looked in the Internet and I´ve found two different meanings: palpitations and to have a frenetic/very accelerated life.

Thanks in advance.
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    I agree with SDgraham that those should be helpful.

    If you look at the dictionary definition of a word and at the available threads and still can't understand what it means in this list, then we need to see the context. We need a sentence in which the word is used, and a description of the difficulty you are having in making sense of it in that context.
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