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They boarded the boat as the sun started to set and heded out to see. I read this sentence in my son's year-4 Maths & English targeted study and practice book by Collins.
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Is "heded out" a typo? What does it mean here? and what is the subject of that verb phrase?
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    ... headed out to sea.

    (At least, that's what I would think, given that 'they boarded the boat'. Of course, they could have gone out in the boat in order to use their eyes [to see], but I think there are two typos here.)

    This means 'to set out for somewhere' or 'to begin a journey'.


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    Aha! The exercise involves proofreading the text and correcting the mistakes. All is now much clearer! Thank you. (You've already identified 'borded'. Well done!)


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    The instructions ask readers to circle the spelling and punctuation errors.