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(painting) painting techniques to represent massiveness

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"Photography Lacks the Depth and Heft [...] That Painting Possesses" - PetaPixel

Nov 14, 2012 — But can they be works of art of the same order as paintings? Modern critical orthodoxy would say yes. But the real answer is no. Photography lacks the depth and heft, the thinking sense of touch, that ...

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The juvenile joke hidden in a 16th-Century painting - BBC Culture - BBC.com

Nov 14, 2018 — As a new exhibition of paintings by Lorenzo Lotto opens in London, Kelly Grovier asks whether the ... Rather than reinforcing any sense of material heft in the statues depicted in the painting, however, ...
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your message. I'm afraid I'm not convinced your examples describe a painting technique. The first seems to me to be using heft in a figurative sense, 'weightiness/importance', which would correspond to our second sense:

    heft n figurative (strength, influence) (figurado)peso nm
    influencia nf
    Your argument lacks heft because it is not supported by facts or data.

    And the second seems to be about the painted statues looking like they have material heft (i.e., looking like they really are solid/weighty).

    I don't really think these are different from the usual senses of heft, and I can't find anything in monolingual dictionaries to suggest there are any specialist painting senses for the word. However, if you can provide any more conclusive evidence, I will happily look at it.