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Hola. Estoy intentando traducir un artículo y no se muy bien como traducir la siguiente frase:
"He had been arrested in Belgium in August 1999 and released on a hefty pledge."

"Fue arrestado en Bélgica en agosto de 1999 y liberado bajo un alto compromiso"????????

Agradezco cualquier ayuda
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    I agree with "fianza" based on the context. But I disagree with the original use of the English word "pledge." It looks like a mistranslation there.


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    I also think, the expression should not be 'pledge' but 'bail'. 'Hefty' I have only seen in the context of a 'hefty fine', una 'multa elevada, costosa' which would be compatible with 'fianza'.
    See ya's
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    Muchas gracias. Lo traduceré como fianza.
    Es un artículo publicado en una página de internet que tenía que traducir y no conseguía sacarle sentido a esa frase
    Gracias de nuevo.


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    I disagree that Ronnie Agius was released on bail.
    He was extradited at Italy´s request from Belgium after being arrested there for cigarette smuggling. He had to make a pledge, a legally binding promise to pay back huge amounts of tax that he should have paid before he was allowed to leave the country.
    It is a tax-pledge.