Helene has made the story very tragic and emotional

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Aussi, Helene a fait de l'histoire très tragique et émotionnelle.

My question is that I want to know for this particular sentence would "Helene a faire" would satisfy the sentence or does "faire" has to be conjugated in order for me to say that "Helene has made" the story. Also, should the preposition "de" be used or i can use "à l'histoire" instead of "de l'histoire". Please adive me on this.

I am trying to say "Helene has made the story very tragic and emotional".
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    but doesn't that mean "to return" not in this sort of sentence :) but I am trying to say "She made" or "She had made"
    Rendre + noun + adjective
    is an idiomatic structure that matches exactly the meaning of to make + noun + adjective in English.
    Faire + noun + adjective isn't used, I can only think of one set expression where it is:
    faire quelqu'un cocu = to cuckold someone. :D
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