he'll be off [his horse]

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    Hello, well, once again it is from "the Exploits of Engelbrecht", a surrealist British text written by Maurice Richardson in the 40s/50s.
    This chapter is about a steeplechase, and there is a running commentary of the race :
    "Black Bess has taken the lead but she'll never be able to keep that up. Ukrainian Tatat with Mazeppa up is close on his heels; Gad what a rotten seat that chap's got. Then comes Baron de Marbot (the mot dashing of Napoleon's Cavalry Officers), but he keeps on turning his head to look at Lady Godiva. He'll be off if he's not careful. The rest of the field are all bunched together."

    Does it mean that he will be caught up or that he could fall from his horse, or something else ?
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    Your second option: I think it means he could fall off his horse. (I assume 'mot dashing' is meant to be 'most dashing'.)

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