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    Hello Mike and hello everybody.

    I discovered the Thesaurus project by chance a few minutes ago. I just added a couple of synonyms for "hell" but I accidentally submitted the term and there is a spelling error: I put *abbys instead of abyss. I guess contributors cannot edit their own entries. :( Thanks Mike. ;)

    Oh! And, just to start a discussion for this term :D... Contributors are given two main senses for "hell": 1) a condition of torment and 2) place of the dead, esp. the wicked ones... Is this the right place to suggest additional senses?

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    Spanish – Costa Rica (Valle Central)
    Ok... Can we have some more? :p

    I see we have "Hades"... What about Gehenna, Avernus, Tartarus, Sheol... the lake of fire and brimstone? In my opinion, those can be linked to either definition.

    And we have "purgatory", which is a related term but not exactly a synonym... Mike, what do you think? Can we group together all this related words too in the same set of concepts ('hell')? I think some terms are harder to organise under one of those two definitions we have.
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    My opinion:

    When people are looking for synonyms, they are looking for words that they might use in a certain context. So a thesaurus might list "purgatory" as a synonym for "hell" in the sense of "a place for punishment of the wicked after death." A writer might use them in the same way, even though theologically they are not the same.

    But that is just one person's opinion.

    I agree that it is sometimes difficult to draw boundaries between the uses.
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    Spanish – Costa Rica (Valle Central)
    Hello Cagey. :)

    I share your opinion entirely: I believe a thesaurus must contain not only synonyms but "topic-related" terms and references, so to speak.

    And I realise now that we could add "purgatory" to the list of terms under the first definition.

    I just think we should be able to suggest some additional meanings (and I know you're working on it ;)), so that we could contribute more "synonyms".



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