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I've always thought the adjective Hellenic is only used when referring to Ancient Greece, but now that I've come across "Hellenic Beer" and "Hellenic Bank", I'm a bit confused. I'm not sure, but I have the feeling the word is only used by Greeks for marketing purposes, to strengthen the link with Greek antiquity.

Wikipedia says "Hellenic is a synonym for Greek", but as far as I know, it isn't normally used by English speakers when talking about Greek music, food, geography, etc.
You don't say "we went to a Hellenic island on holiday where we tried this wonderful Hellenic dish", do you?
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    Some Greeks object to Greece, Greek, and their cognates in the other major languages. Officialdom in Greece usually prefers "Hellenic Republic" and "Hellenic" too:

    GREEK PARLIAMENT (the site is titled "Hellenic Parliament")
    Hellenic Republic - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Normally in English we just ignore that and carry on using Greece, Greek as we have always done.

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    In Hellenic Bank the word Hellenic is part of the official name.
    In Hellenic Beer the word Hellenic is like a trade name.

    It is true, as you say, that we do not use Hellenic unless we are referring to Greek civilisation or culture.
    A similar word is Iberian, which in the phrase Iberian cuisine means the food of Spain and Portugal.

    ("Greeks" comes from the Latin word (Graeci) for the Greek Hellenes.)
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    Thank you for your replies.

    Some Greeks object to Greece, Greek, and their cognates in the other major languages.
    OK, I expected some Greeks to proudly use Hellenic, but to object to Greek? :confused: How un-European of them.:) Germany has about 5 types of names in different European languages, and we Hungarians could also object to Hungarian and similar terms because we're actually Magyar.
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