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  1. Crisipo de Soli

    Crisipo de Soli Senior Member

    Ciudad de México
    Castellano, Méjico
    De acuerdo con la reglas de la gramática del idioma inglés...¿Cuál de las siguientes frases es la correcta Hello all o Hello to all?...¿O ambas son correctas?...
  2. somarose Senior Member

    English, USA
    A mí me gusta más "Hi everybody" or "Hi all".

    Casi no se dice "hello" en situaciones informales... al menos en los EEUU, se dice Hey, Hi, etc.

    Puedes decir: " a big hello TO all" si quieres usar "to"

    espero que te sirve.
  3. Max_3_16

    Max_3_16 Senior Member

    Español, Chile
    Its right. If you want to use Hello, you should say Hello TO all........
  4. germinal

    germinal Senior Member

    Bradford, England
    England English
    It is certainly possible to use both of these but in different circumstances.

    Hello all sounds a little formal and it is more common to say `hello everyone or everybody`.

    The second would normally be used as part of a formal welcome - maybe in a speech: `I would just like to say hello to all our guests from France...`
  5. han_sido New Member

    Reading, UK (English)
    De los dos que proposiste tu, el mejor será "Hello to all".

    Pero, estoy de acuerdo a somarose; se dice "Hi everybody" o "Hi all" mas que "Hello".

    Si el situacion es formal, se puede decir "Good afternoon/morning" y esta supuesto que estas hablando a todo el grupo si lo seguis con "ladies and gentlemen" o no.

    Ademas, si empesas a decir "Hi everybody" a todo el mundo, te van a empezar a reponder "Hi Dr Nick". ;)
  6. somarose Senior Member

    English, USA
    Sorry Max_3_16, but I beg to differ... I think saying "Hello TO all" is a direct translation from Spanish, i.e. "Hola A todos".

    Your best bet is to say Hello all if you want to sound like a native.

    However, like I said before, you can say "Hello to all the _____" but only if you specify a noun afterwards. If its at the beginning of a letter or a speech and you don´t specify a person/people afterwards, I think it sounds strange.

    My two cents.
  7. Apple Scruff

    Apple Scruff Member

    Pregunta para "han sido"... porque si decis "Hi everybody" te van a responder "Hi Dr Nick". No lo entiendo, sorry!!! Can you explain it??? Thanks!!!!!!
  8. Max_3_16

    Max_3_16 Senior Member

    Español, Chile
    Thank. I always use Hi everyone.
  9. han_sido New Member

    Reading, UK (English)
    Viste a "The Simpsons?" - un caracter Dr Nick Riviera, el curandero, siempre se introducce así:

    -"Hi Dr Nick"

    -"Hi everybody"

    Me gusta mucho a los simpsons :)
  10. david.escuizo Senior Member

    Working in England
    Spanish (Spain)
    Me gustaN mucho los Simpsons

    The simposns are plural so you have to put the verb in plural, and the verb gustar doesn't go with the preposition "a"
  11. Joaqin Senior Member

    Spanish – Colombia
    I would say Hello all if I greet them myself.

    I would say hell to all if I ask someone to do it for me;
    as in say hello to all in the office, please.

    But may not be any difference between the two.

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