Hello and welcome to our 'Can't speak French' feature...


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Hi, I'm doing a local radio show tomorrow and I have to do a funny French lesson on it. I was just wondering whether anyone could just check and correct the phrases I wish to say?

Hello and welcome to our 'Can't speak French' feature
Bonjour et Bienvenue à notre « (radio) feature » : Je ne peux pas parler le français
(I don't know how to say feature/item as in on a radio and I couldn't see it easily on the wr dictionary)


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    émission sounds good. Titre "je ne parle pas français". ou, plus drôle, "je ne comprends rien au français".
    Ou alors "rubrique" pour feature.
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    Thankyou both, would émission work for a section of a programme rather than the whole thing though? Thanks anyway!
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