1. francaispourmoi Senior Member

    Bonjour a tous Vs Bonjour tout le monde.


    When I wish to say "Hello everone" to a group of people. Which should I use?

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  2. wicca

    wicca Senior Member

    the world, my oyster :)
    French - France
    'Bonjour à tous' sounds perfectly fine to me.
  3. vost Senior Member

    France, Français
    Bonjour tout le monde est une phase courante. C'est plutôt du langage familier.
  4. francaispourmoi Senior Member

    So "Bonjour a tous" is the better of the two phrases to say?

    And the "s" is pronounced in this instance, right?
  5. vost Senior Member

    France, Français
    that depend how well you know the peoples you are talking to: familly, friends, colleague, etc.

    bonjour à tous is more formal and I would use it for example in a mail.
    bonjour tout le monde is more colloquial and spoken language. if you know very well the peoples you are talking to you may even say salut tout le monde (very colloquial)

    yes, the "s" is pronounced.

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