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Hello everyone

I am ashamed to ask but it as come to my atencion that saying such trivial things like hello and goodbye in polish are out of my reach. Could any kind soul tranlate them for me?

I do hope anyone can help
Latino Angel
  • Hi Latino angel

    hello - witaj, witam, cześć
    hi - cześć
    (more informal would be 'siema')
    goodbye - do widzenia, this is pretty formal, young people usually don't say that to other youngsters, they use:
    see you soon - do zobaczenia wkrótce
    see you - narazie

    other words that you may find useful:
    thank you - dziękuję
    thank (you) very much - dziękuję (Ci) bardzo

    I'd use nara, for two reasons:
    1. it's shorter (so it saves you some space);
    2. you pronunce it as one word, not two (there's no break after na). :)


    I believe "pa!" is another way of saying "bye". "Pa!" is more affectionate than "cześć" and I'd use it with family members and good friends.
    Aliocha said:
    I often have heard 'Pa!' : is it possible to use it for saying 'see you later' too?
    It's more like 'bye' but why not you may use it. I agree with Sybil, it's rahter used while speaking to well-known people, e.g. family, good friends, unless, a person who uses it is a child (a toddler). Almost always, children use it, while adult people would say good-bye, see you soon, bye, etc.