Hello sir, a shot of tequila, please.

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Hungary, Hungarian
I wonder if I went to a pub and wanted to drink a shot, how would I ask that?

- Hello sir, a tequila, please.

or instead if this can I say :

- Hello sir, a shot of tequila, please.

Is that allright to say? How would you say that?

  • anothersmith

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    English, U.S.
    That's fine. I would probably say "excuse me" to get the bartender's attention, then say "a shot of tequila, please." I don't usually say "sir" unless addressing someone in a very formal setting or addressing someone who's quite a bit older.


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    Hello Ego. Once I'd got the barman's attention I'd say Hello, I'll have a shot of tequila, please.
    (A lot of folk in the UK wouldn't bother with the Hello ~ I would).
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