Hello there, lovely profile, yours.

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Hello there,

Here is my doubt.
I want to pay a compliment to a person and was wondering if the construction of this sentence is correct:

Hello there, lovely profile, yours.

What I'm not sure about is the position of "yours" (in this case after the adjective). Is it still correct? I was just trying to avoid the typical name + to be + adj construction.

Look forward to hearing from you all, thank you!

  • panjandrum

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    This structure is correct, though informal.
    You're putting the defining part of the sentence after the descriptive part rather than before it.
    Your profile is lovely.
    It's a lovely profile, yours.
    Lovely profile, yours.

    I'm not sure I like it in this particular context, but that is probably personal.


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    I would say that if you're going for that strange word order it has to be "lovely profile, yours is" with the verb "be."


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    I like it very much and use it quite frequently, but that, too, is probably personal!
    I think I'd be more likely to use this word order with a demonstrative rather than a possessive:
    Nice wine, that!:thumbsup:
    Comfortable bed, this!:thumbsup:

    Can you give some more examples of how you would use it with a possessive, Destruida?


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    Powerful brain, mine.
    Quarrelsome family, ours.
    Nice horses, theirs.

    I think I use it far less often, pehaps never, with the 3rd,pers. singular possossive and if I try, it sounds very clumsy, but I can't explain or justify that.
    I suppose it is quite unusual, but not for me, and no-one has ever remarked upon or questioned it until now, so I don't think it can be strikingly so.
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