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I'm looking to translate a phrase for use in a classroom. There are some Polish visitors coming and it would be nice to be able to say something in Polish. What I'm looking for is something like "Hello, welcome to English" - as in an English lesson. Also helpful would be "Do you understand". I don't know how to read Polish so any help with pronunciation would be great. Thanks!
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    Hi, :)

    "Hello, welcome to English" - Dzień dobry, witamy na zajęciach angielskiego.
    dyeahng dohbri vitamyh na zayeahntsyeaah angyealskyeagoh

    Do you understand?
    The translation varies, according to whether the speaker is a kid or an older person; the sex, and if there's more than one person.
    to a kid:
    Rozumiesz? (one kid, for both sexes)
    Rozumiecie? (more than one kid, regardless of the sex)
    to someone older (this is simply a more formal way of address):
    Rozmumie Pan? (to a man)
    rozoomyeah pan
    Rozumie Pani? (to a woman)
    rozoomyeah pani
    rozumiecie Państwo? (to men and or women)
    rozoomyeachyeah panstfo

    Hope it makes sense, it's a bit hard to put down our pronounciation in Engish. In case something is not clear, please let us know. :)

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