help <her> improve her depression


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A friend of mine has been suffering from Depression since her husband died.

She started seeing a psychologist last week.

The counseling services from the psychologist helps improve her depression/helps her improve her depression.

Which one should I use in the sentence?

Please, give me your help,

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    The psychologist isn't trying to improve your friend's depression. The psychologist doesn't want to create a better depression. The psychologist wants to help your friend "recover from" her depression. Or the psychologist wants her < condition / emotional state > to "improve."

    The way we talk about illness and getting better is confusing. We say you '<get better/recover> from an illness.' When you recover from an injury, we say your broken leg (for instance) gets better, but we don't say that about an illness.


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    Can I say "her depression is improving by the counseling from the psychologist"?


    Can I say "The psychologist helps her decrease her depression"?

    Sorry, I am a little confused...


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    Note that "her depression" is not a thing. Her mind is a thing. Her emotional state is a thing.

    Her emotional state is "depressed". She is "depressed". Her psychologist is helping her become "less depressed".

    Now turn "she becomes less depressed" into a noun phrase: "her depression is reduced".