help improve or help to improve?

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The verb 'help' is used in different ways.

1. It helped improve their speaking skills.
2. It helped them improve their speaking skills.
3. It helped them to improve their speaking skills.

All the above sentences are correct, right? Is there other possible structure? How about this?

4. It helped to improve their speaking skills. I think it's not correct. I need my guess confirmed. Thank you!
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    They are all OK.
    The versions including them are probably better because they emphasise the speaker's role in the improvement.
    I much prefer (3), but I often include the little words that others happily omit.


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    For me, #3 is the best choice.
    I usually see "help" + "to", but is it also correct to say "It helps improving..."?

    Thanks for clarifying!


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    All four are correct. If you put help to into Dictionary Look-up, you'll find previous threads on this.

    EDIT: PS to Tanthalas - no, you need an infinitive (with or without to) after help.
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