Help, my grandson is in danger!

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Hello, I am a writer and I have a character in my book who is an old Korean woman. She is speaking to strangers. I need some of her words translated into Korean phrases. Unfortunately the online dictionaries only give me Korean text. I need to be able to write it down as 'she' would pronounce it phonetically.

The phrases I need are:

"Help, my grandson is in danger!"


Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Sorry, my Korean is very poor and I stopped learning it. Just some advice:
    Ask the translator to stick to one of the standard romanisations, not to try to render the sounds as he/she thinks is the best, if possible, as there are myriads of systems to romanise Korean, each of them claiming the best.

    My personal preference and also the standard method in South Korea:
    Revised Romanization of Korean:


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    "Help, my grandson is in danger!" in Korean should sound like this;
    =[Doh-wa-ju-sae-yo, jae-sonjah-gah-wee-hum-hae-yo.]
    It's hard to explain the pronunciation in writing...

    I don't know if your computer can read Korean characters, but your sentence should look like this when it's written in Korean;
    "도와주세요, 제 손자가 위험해요!"
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