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This is a sentence I made up myself.

I am writing to the project manager of another company which my company is working with as a subcontractor. First, I introduce myself like this:

"I am helping look after the AAA project, and I've been working with the site super on various issues."

Does "I am helping look after..." sound idiomatic to you?
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    We probably wouldn't say 'look after' in this context.

    You don't want 'taking care of' unless you have final responsibility for the project, or some aspect of the project.

    You need to tell us more specifically what you do, in order for us to make a suitable suggestion. 'By helping look after' do you mean that you are assisting a someone who is in charge of the project? Or do you have responsibility for some part of the project? And so on. Information like this will help people think of the correct wording. :)


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    I am actually the project manager assigned internally by my boss for the project as a trade subcontractor. But externally my boss doesn't give me the title, so I am saying "I am helping look after or take care of....". Does that make sense?

    I am trying to saying I am assisting my boss to take care of the project.
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