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Just interested in the helplines which exist in other countries. In U.K. there is Childline (for children being abused by parents or carers), The Samaritans (for people who are distressed and may be thinking of killing themselves) and a number of other helplines which offer information, rather than counselling/listening ear. Does anything similar to Childline or The Samaritans, exist in other countries?
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    I've heard about such helplines for women who suffered violence. They provided information about what the woman should do, advised her where she could go if she couldn't stay at home, and so on. There are also other kinds of helplines, but they are mostly considered to be providing rather counselling than any actual information. In Russian, such helplines are called телефоны доверия.


    We have both those here in Ireland, and other lines for sufferers of various illnesses. I've staffed the phones occasionally for AA.
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