Hematíes Polimorfonucleares

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by Corky Ringspot, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Corky Ringspot Senior Member

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    Hello, In the 'Microbiología' section of a hospital discharge report, I've got the following passage, as it appears here, which I'm finding very difficult to sort out;

    Hematíes Polimorfonucleares Mononucleares Células Epiteliales, ESCASAS Detritus Bacilos Gram positivos Bacilos Gram negativos Cocos Gram Positivos Cocos Gram negativos Levaduras Cultivo en medios habituales para bacterias Microorganismo aislado Observaciones microbiología

    No punctuation, capital letters scattered randomly (?), all very confusing. Having researched as much as possible, I've come up with the following: if anyone can confirm that I've got it right or wrong, I'd be grateful.

    - Polymorphonuclear & mononuclear red blood cells
    - Scanty epithelial cells
    - Gram-positive bacillary detritus
    - Gram-negative bacillary detritus
    - Gram-positive coccus
    - Gram-negative coccus
    - Gram-negative yeasts
    - Cultivation in usual media for bacteria
    - Isolated microorganism
    - Microbiological observation

  2. EricEnfermero

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    Wow - good work with a mess of an original. I would just say that usually polymorphonuclear cells (PMNs or polys) and mononuclear cells (MNCs) are both types of white blood cell. Here's the way I interpret the original.

    Red blood cells
    Polymorphonuclear cells
    Mononuclear cells

    Very confusing and I really hate to use any guesswork, but it doesn't make sense any other way, because PMN's are not red cells.
  3. Corky Ringspot Senior Member

    English - England
    Eric, thanks for this. Yes, it's a mess - how do more accidents not happen in hospitals...?! I was wondering about those polys and monos and I had an idea they might both be white, but after studying medical websites for as long as my limited, non-scientific brain allowed, I couldn't decide; so I thought I should check with the boys and girls on Wordref (along with the rest of this passage), and they (you) haven't let me down. Thanks again.
  4. fsabroso

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    Hi Corky:

    I'm sorry but I had to close this thread.

    WR allows one question each thread only, we consider each of your phrases a separate question; and we use the word/phrase of this question as title for the database of WordReference Dictionary.

    Remember to look up WR Dictionary before open a new thread.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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