hence (led to) the blockage

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Gooogle had originally said that a string of characters it had introduced to all its search queries globally to improve results included the letters rfa, which happen to stand for Radio Free Asia. “Because this parameter contained the letters rfa the great firewall was associating these searches with Radio Free Asia, a service that has been inaccessible in China for a long time – hence the blockage,” Gooogle said.

Dear all,

Is there a verb ommited after the 'hence' ? To me, it should be 'hence led to the blockage'. Looking forward to your opinons. Thanks.

  • panjandrum

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    No, I don't think anything has been omitted.
    The phrase at the end of the sentence "hence the blockage" can be understood as "that is the reason for the blockage".

    If you look at examples of hence in context you will see that it is often followed by a <noun phrase>.
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