Hence the need to engage through culture in engaging

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Context:Culture can play a role in establishing the practices, values and attitudes which create stigma and discrimination, gender and other inequalities.
Cultural factors may in turn limit the behavioural choices which people, especially women and girls, may be able to make around HIV/AIDS prevention.
Hence the need to engage through culture in engaging with the roots of that behaviour.

Cultural approaches take into account the networks of values and relationships that shape people’s lives whether that might be to enrich or constrain them.

The source is not accessible as the website of the organization is down. However, the organization is called Creative Challenge.
http://www.creativexchange.org/system/files/CreativeChallengeBriefing3.pdf as you can see, the link is down.

My question: does the phrase in bold mean "to play an active role in culture in order to trace the origins of that behaviour"?

Thank you in advance.
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    I see it more as:

    "Hence the need to play an active role and use culture in order to trace deal with/tackle the origins of that behaviour."
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