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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member


    can you please explain me the difference between 'hep and her' difference between 'hepsi and herkes' etc...
    Really don't get those two,can you give me some sentences as example.
    Also what would hepimiz,hepiniz mean?
  2. Reverence Senior Member

    "Hep" is all, while "her" is every.

    Hepsi: All of them.
    Hepimiz: All of us.
    Hepiniz: All of you.

    Herkes: Everybody.
    Her bir: Each.
    Her biri: Each/every one of them.
  3. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Thank you and now i know meaning of it but still don't get when to use hepsi/hepimiz/hepiniz.Can you give me some sentences as example as my english also not good.
  4. Reverence Senior Member

    All of us: The entirety of a group to which we belong.
    All of you: The entirety of a group to which you belong.
    All of them: The entirety of a group to which they belong.

    The difference is just a pronoun switch, nothing else.

    Partiye hepiniz davetlisiniz. (All of you are invited to the party.)
    Saçmalıklarıyla hepimizi güldürdü. (He made all of us laugh with his nonsense.)
    Bu elmaların hepsi bayat. (All of these apples are stale.)

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