Her clear words cut into the room's subdued light

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There was movement on the chair near the bed. If only I could turn my head unobtrusively in her direction, I might learn where the laser gun was.
"You're awake, aren't you?" Her clear words cut into the room's subdued light.

This is from the novel Simulacron-3. I have a vague understanding of the whole sentence, but can anyone tell me the clear meaning of "cut into the room's subdued light" in this case?

Many thanks!
  • suzi br

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    It is a metaphor, maybe a mixed one. The woman's words are compared to something which can cut (like a knife or even a laser beam) and the room's darkness is split by her clear words. It doesn't really mean much apart from he heard her voice very clearly.

    Considering the narrator was looking around for a laser gun it seems quite clever. If you like this sort of effect.
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