Her head would probably explode.

emre aydın

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The head of a label wants to sign a famous singer's(Rayna) girl(Maddie) to the label and discusses it with the girl's father:

Father: I'm gonna have to say no.
Head: Because Rayna would disapprove?
Father: Her head would probably explode, yes, but honestly, I just think Maddie needs another year.


What does he mean by "her head would probably explode"? Thanks for your help.
  • kentix

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    In this context it's a figurative way of saying he would get very, very, very excited if he actually won because 18 other times he had the possibility to win he did not. After so many disappointments, it's hard for him to believe it will happen. So, if it does, his (positive) reaction will be extreme.
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