Her job is <looking> <to look> after the children.


1 Her job is looking after the children.
2 Her job is to look after the children.

I like 2 better. But is 1 also OK?
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    They're both fine, but the problem is of potential ambiguity with (1), as 'is looking' can be mistaken for the progressive form. I don't find this example ambiguous at all, as the true meaning is obvious, but there are many sentences where there could be a problem.


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    It literally says that the job is looking after the children, not her.
    :confused: Why would the job be looking after her? :)

    This would probably read better inverted: Looking after the children is her job.

    If you were to give a short answer to the question "What is her job?", I suggest that "Looking after the children" would sound better than "To look after the children".