Her Majesty's Government will not desire to insist upon any

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here's the state secretary Derby's letter, I haven't understood the real meaning of the sentence in bold, could you help me?

and, if you are of opinion that it would be preferable and more satisfactory to the Government of the South African Republic to proceed as you propose, Her Majesty's Governmente will be willing to amend the Convention as suggested. It seems to deserve consideration, howerver, whether it would not be more correct for the Volksraad to legislate in the proposed sense, having reeived an assurance that Her Majesty's Government will not desire to insist upon any such construction of the terms of the Convention as would interfere with reasonable legislation in the desired direction.

Does the sentence in bold mean that the British Government will not interfere with the terms of Convention?

Thank you!
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    I think you have the right idea. It means that the British government is not going to demand that there be any legal obstacles that would prevent the South African government from making their own laws any way they want.

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    Is there anything in particular in this phrase that is causing you difficulty? There are rather a lot of potential topics here.
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