her nose crinkled in consideration


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Jo had explained to Kim, who seemed to have been born without a discernible sense of humor, that her aunt lived on a commune, not the moon. “What is a commune?” Kim had asked, and Jo explained, “It’s where lots of different people live together, like a family.”
Kim’s nose had crinkled in consideration before she’d nodded and gone back to the dining room to work on a book report that wouldn’t be due for three weeks.
source: Mrs Everything by Jennifer Weiner

to take something into consideration is too familiar, but to have one’s nose crinkle in consideration sounds odd. Is this something you would say?

Thank you.
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    Is Kim a child? I don't think most adults would give such a visible indication of pondering something, but that seems to be the implication.


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    If she's doing a book report, presumably for school, she can't be too old.

    She sounds like a very serious little girl who scrunches up her face when she thinks really hard. So her nose is crinkling while she is considering (thinking about) what she was told.
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