Her poems have appeared in X Review, Y Review, and Z, among others.


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Here's from the contributor notes of a literary magazine:
"Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, North American Review, New Ohio Review, and Salamander, among others.

Is it ok to use "among others" as this author does? I'd use "among other publications" (or, better, "and other publications," as I see other contributors do) myself.

Thank you!
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    Among others is fine. If you want to sound clever, you can say inter alia.
    It's not necessary to say other publications, since it's obvious from context that you mean publications.
    Of course, if you do use and others, you need to delete the and before Salamander.

    Frankly, this seems an ideal opportunity to use etc. (in which case you should also delete the Salamander-and).


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    I see the point, that 'among others' seems to ask 'among other whats?', and a suitable referent hasn't been mentioned yet; but it does actually sound okay to me too.
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